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Rapid Success Selling
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Choose Your Path to Selling Success…

This journey does not have to be made alone. You are not the only one that wants more sales. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and desire for growth.


Rapid Success Selling Self Study

This 12 week guided course is jam packed with education, real life examples and guided workbooks so you can work on your sales process using the expertise of Ben Brown’s 10 step coaching program.


Group VIP

If you are the type that needs questions answered, support given, and you enjoy contributing to the conversation than Group VIP is for you. Members of this group have a private forum for asking questions of Ben and each other. Weekly office hours will be held on Monday to keep you accountable to asking questions and working your way through the course in a timely manner.


1:1 Accountability Partnership

If you are the person that needs an accountability partner to get you from A to Z this package is for you. In addition to the the course and the weekly office hours you get a weekly 1:1 recorded call with Ben. He is available to help you write scripts, practice your new sales process, give feedback and help you hone your sales skills so you can be a sales superhero faster.

“I have learned so much from Ben about how to change words and phrases in my selling to change the dynamic of the calls I am on. I am a “teller” that has a tendency to over explain when people only care about if I can solve a problem they didn’t know they had. It’s my job to solve the problem not tell them how. It’s been a big transition, but my close rate has already doubled and I am only 4 weeks in.”

Brook Borup

Owner, My Clone Solution


We are so confident you will love this course we offer a 7 day money back guarantee.


In the first 7 days you will be able to learn and implement strategies to increase your sales success in any industry.

Benjamin Brown

Author, Speaker, Coach

Benjamin Brown is CEO of 360 Sales Consulting, a company specializing helping businesses and entrepreneurs excel in sales and dramatically increase their bottom line. Their proprietary sales system has been come recognized as “game-changer” and is in demand by companies of all sizes throughout the United States. Ben’s sales career of more than twenty years began with selling health club memberships and quickly worked his way into sales manager and sales director positions. Having held both inside and outside sales positions his diverse experience includes selling autos, computer products and services, voice recognition software, staffing services, and transportation services. Ben is a former United States Marine with six years of service and a Veteran of the Gulf War.