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Increase Sales



Increase Sales Skills

Improve Sales Close Rate

Grow Quality Referrals

A 360 Degree Look Into Sales Training & Coaching

Our 360 Sales Consulting methodology supports the development of skills and habits needed to sustain your sales conversion rate. We believe that the emotional shift is as important as the behavior shift. That’s one way that our program: “CLOSING THE SALE!” sets itself apart. We include enjoyable sales training programs that drive improved performance.

Our programs will take you into a 360 degree look into every aspect of the sales cycle. Our number one goal is to enable you to improve your sales process and sales performance. Our online sales training is specifically designed to educate your staff on the secrets in communication, and skills that can help to enhance the client experience, and build referrals.


Benjamin Brown is a game-changing master of sales, with over 20 years of experience. He has developed a proven sales system that ranges all sectors including printing, construction, membership, non-profits, coaching, consulting, automotive and many more. Learn more about Benjamin Here


Benjamin Brown is also the renowned author of “MASTER THE ART OF CLOSING THE SALE”. His book and his training system will take you through his “10 STEPS TO CLOSING THE SALE”. This proven and systematic process sets you up to keep sales on track during the sales process. It’s also extremely helpful for top salespeople who have seen their sales decline. We can help get your sales conversions back on track. We have found that when sales have fallen off with a particular salesperson, it is because they get too comfortable with the process and start skipping steps. When steps are skipped, the company’s sales will decrease. It is really that simple.

However, the great news is, the steps are set up so that the sales manager can monitor the sales process and hone in quickly what steps are being skipped, helping the sales rep to get back to crushing it once again! 


Close More Sales And Grow Faster!

Ready to revitalize your sales program, creating a vision for business growth you didn’t think possible, while at the same time reaching more potential clients and building your loyal client base?


Rapid Success Selling 

Your Roadmap to Confident, No Fear Sales!


Every business has a hero, and with Ben’s proven tactics and systems you can become a “SUPER CLOSER”. Ben’s straight-forward training and sales process will help you keep your sales pipeline filled and flowing, while driving revenue with more customers saying YES!

Every Hero has a mentor or guide. Superman had Pa Kent, Spiderman had Uncle Ben, Batman has Alfred, and now you can have your own.

It Doesn’t Take SuperHuman Closing Powers To Master Sales, It Just Takes A Proven, Repeatable Process

Group Coaching

Corporate Training

Online Courses

1 - 1 Training


Benjamin Brown’s sales training course was created to provide a fun, comfortable and safe experience for students. While practicing along with him, students are able to receive strategic coaching services and master their sales skills.  The 360 Sales Consulting online sales training courses are highly focused on sales strategies. By focusing on each topic, you will be able to understand all the crucial aspects of the successful sales that your sales representatives can utilize in order to produce the highest quality sales, and become the most successful sales reps you’ve ever had!. Clients enjoy Ben Brown’s sales training because it’s highly informative and fun; more importantly, it helps them reach great RESULTS


If you are in doubt that your sales team  can benefit from premium sales training, delivered by a top-producing sales coach, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does every member on your sales team have the skills and “go-get” attitude to exceed their goals?
  • Are you 100% satisfied with the production of your team?
  • Is your team excited, energized, and does it use all its potential?
  • Are you providing your sales team with all the tools they need?

Master The art Of

Closing The Sale

Ben’s book puts an end to your sales frustrations with this easy, 10-step process!

Build Customer Loyalty Close More Clients Generate More Referrals & Enjoy Selling

Benjamin Brown

Author, Speaker, Coach

Benjamin Brown is CEO of 360 Sales Consulting, a company specializing helping businesses and entrepreneurs excel in sales and dramatically increase their bottom line. Their proprietary sales system has been come recognized as “game-changer” and is in demand by companies of all sizes throughout the United States. Ben’s sales career of more than twenty years began with selling health club memberships and quickly worked his way into sales manager and sales director positions. Having held both inside and outside sales positions his diverse experience includes selling autos, computer products and services, voice recognition software, staffing services, and transportation services. Ben is a former United States Marine with six years of service and a Veteran of the Gulf War.